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Where to Invest: Luxury Properties from Vail Resorts, Inc.

June 23, 2015

In the world of luxury real estate investing, real estate expert Marco Kozlowski notes that Vail Resorts, Inc. stands out among its competitors.  Specializing in mountain areas, and covering lodging and real estate sales, Vail Resorts offer a unique luxury package.  Investors looking to get into Vail Resorts stocks should move quickly, as demand and prices shoot up.  


The yearly revenue for Vail Resorts is higher than that of its competitors with a gross profit margin of 46.07%, over double the industry standard of 23.02%.  Their income growth is also significantly higher than the average for the hotel and leisure industry.  Their growth has remained consistent and strong, so investment experts predict Vail Resorts will be a safe investment bet.


Vail Resorts average intake has been approximately 225,800 shares per day over the last month. The Street Quant Ratings value Vail Resorts as a buy in a number areas including revenue increase, growth in net income, growing profit margins, a solid financial position with a reasonable amount of debt, and stock performance that is steady. 


Investors have already noted the viability of Vail Resorts so stock prices jumped in the last year.  While a bit higher than ideal for a new investor, stock prices are still reasonable and still expected to grow in value even more.  Marco Kozlowski recommends investors interested in Vail Resorts, Inc., jump in as soon as possible to get the most profitable return possible.