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Positive Domestic Real Estate Predictions by Marco Kozlowski

April 23, 2015

Real Estate Investing Guru, Marco Kozlowski, forecasts 2015 to be an excellent year for United States property investments.  The United States experienced a very successful 2014 for real estate investments and due to the stable market conditions and strengthening economy, 2015 looks to be even better.  The best US cities for investments in 2015 include San Fransisco, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington DC, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami, and Nashville. 
New York and San Fransisco are some of the safest places for investing despite their high prices, due to continually flourishing economies and limited supply.   Atlanta, Charlotte, Miami, and Nashville have been experiencing considerable economic growth making them also attractive for investing.  While Houston is no longer considered a top location for investing due to the drop in oil prices, Texas is still worth considering due to the economic success of Dallas/Forth Worth and Austin.  Dallas in particular boasted an increase of over 100,000 new residents and new jobs in 2014.

Marco Kozlowski