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July 17, 2015

Marco Kozlowski Luxury Real Estate InvestingReal Estate investing guru Marco Kozlowskisays there’s a new way to make luxury property investments.  Previously people interested in purchasing luxury properties would have to hire a realtor because expensive enough properties were not listed in MLS.  This meant the average person could not simply peruse the internet to find available luxury properties.

There is a new website, however, that is changing everything. is working with luxury sellers to create an online database of luxury properties currently on the market.  The service is free of charge, but has a VIP option that allows selected persons to receive notification of properties before they reach the public webpage.

Solo investors can use this new web service to find hot properties without having to go through a real estate agent.  Investors can simply refine their search to chosen markets and find top-of-the-line properties.  While is working to expand their database, the service currently only covers Illinois, New Hampshire and Las Vegas.  However, new properties are added every day and it is only a matter of time before this service is country wide.