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Hot Spots for Foreign Luxury Real Estate Investments

May 14, 2015

Real Estate Investment Expert, Marco Kozlowski, names Australia as one of the hottest spots for foreign real estate investments right now.  Many foreign countries besides the US are increasingly putting in investments for Australian properties. Marco Kozlowski has traveled the world as a luxury real estate expert and internationally-renowned business coach.

China has most recently been the biggest contributor on that front.  Their own real estate markets are dropping in value rapidly, while the people continue to succeed in business.  Looking for places to use their growing wealth, they turn to investing in foreign real estate.  Australia’s close proximity and continuing strength in their real estate market makes them the prime candidate.

The United Kingdom has also demonstrated considerable interest in investing in Australia.  A large percentage of people who move out of the United Kingdom end up in Australia.  Australia offers them a flourishing job market, as well as having appeal due to climate and culture.   Even UAE and surrounding regions show interest in Australia partially due to Australia’s closeness.  All foreign investors, however, are most drawn to the low interest rates in Australia and the proven increase in value of the Australian real estate market over time.

The most popular cities for current investments are Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.   Queensland is also doing very well with a large amount of new development opening up a large amount of potential for foreign investors.  Western Australia and New South Wales are also potentially good options, whereas Tasmania, the northern and southern areas, and Canberra are the least popular for investing. Luxury real estate expert Marco Kozlowski says Australia is becoming a key country for investments and success.